ZenTech Corporate Park, Bangalore: post thumbnail

ZenTech Corporate Park, Bangalore:

We transformed the outdoor areas of ZenTech Corporate Park into an oasis of tranquility by incorporating elements such as Japanese gardens, water features, and Zen-inspired landscaping. Our design focused
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TechScape IT Park, Mysore: post thumbnail

TechScape IT Park, Mysore:

For TechScape IT Park, we implemented a comprehensive landscape design and development plan. Our services included the installation of lush lawns, aesthetically pleasing walkways, strategically placed seating areas, and
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BioGreen Office Complex, Bangalore: post thumbnail

BioGreen Office Complex, Bangalore:

In the BioGreen Office Complex, we integrated sustainable practices into the landscape design. We incorporated native plant species, rainwater harvesting systems, and environmentally friendly irrigation systems, ensuring minimal ecological
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Skyline Corporate Center, Mysore: post thumbnail

Skyline Corporate Center, Mysore:

At Skyline Corporate Center, we focused on creating a dynamic and engaging outdoor space for employees. We designed and installed recreational areas, outdoor fitness zones, and colorful garden areas,
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GreenTech Industrial Park, Bangalore: post thumbnail

GreenTech Industrial Park, Bangalore:

For GreenTech Industrial Park, we provided hardscape solutions to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the outdoor areas. We constructed stylish pathways, decorative retaining walls, and seating areas, integrating
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Innovate Business Hub, Mysore: post thumbnail

Innovate Business Hub, Mysore:

At Innovate Business Hub, we implemented a vertical gardening and herbs planting system, maximizing limited space and bringing greenery to the corporate environment. The vertical gardens served as attractive
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